Expand your riding options. The Tracka is my ideal gravel bike design and it's made to be fun, fast and capable on paved and gravel surfaces.

I exhibited my latest Tracka Gravel bike equipped with a Campagnolo Ekar 1x132 groupset bike at this year's Handmade Bicycle Show 2021.

High-end frame tubing is used and here I choose smaller diameter tubes with slightly less stiffness. When paired with the large supple tyres the combination makes for greater comfort and more surefooted cornering than a traditional road bike. The large supple tyres now available are fast too. Every frame is customised to the rider, both the riding position and frame rigidity so you have the far more choice of comfort than a typically overly-stiff mass-produced frame. 

Disc brakes enable the use of these larger width tyres and offer powerful consistent braking in all weather and road conditions. I can now offer frame and fork to fit wide tyres from 38 to 45mm depending on the crank and fork which are listed below. See the complete bike detail below for the maximum tyre size which each drivetrain can fit. 

The rear brake hose can be routed externally for ease of maintenance or internally for a cleaner look with the rear brake hose entering the downtube near the fork and exiting the frame near the rear brake caliper.

The frames are paired with carbon-fibre forks chosen to compliment the frame. The Futura Gravel fork has clearance for 40mm measured width tyres and its 1-1/4" tapered steerer will be less stiff and hence more suited to this style of bike than the more common 1-1/2" tapered steerer.

The newly released Futura Cross fork offered by Columbus has more tyre clearance, with room for 47mm measured width tyres and comes with the stiffer 1-1/2" tapered steerer. The Futura Cross+ fork comes with rack mounts.

The ENVE G Series Gravel fork offers the greatest clearance for with room for 50mm measured width tyres on 700C rims, and 57mm on 650B/27.5" rims. It comes with the stiffer 1-1/2" tapered steerer.


  • Stable geometry and a range of frame suppleness options with the choice of Double-Oversize,  Oversize, or Not-Oversize (NOS) frame tubing. 

  • 44mm head tube compatible with 1-1/4" or 1-1/2" taper fork steerers. 

  • 12mm thru rear dropouts in 142mm spacing. 

  • Flat mount disc brakes with the caliper neatly tucked between the rear stays.

  • Sloping toptube with healthy amount of seatpost extension to reduce the impact from bumps for a smoother ride.

  • Standard 27.2mm seatpost which suits almost all riders and being slender, gives a supple ride. Larger riders get a 30.6mm post. A DKG brand seatpost clamp is supplied with the frame.

I use White Industries and Chris King headsets both of which are available in a range of colours as well as Black. White Industries machine their parts to use the excellent replaceable Enduro Bearings (click here for headset colours). Chris King built their reputation on making their own bearings which are serviceable. Depending on the fork, the Chris King headset is an approximate $50 upgrade. 


Frames from $4075 FlatMount disc brake, custom selection of Columbus' Life, HSS and SL butted frame tubing, with externally routed rear brake hose.

Frame and fork from $4700 FlatMount disc brake, custom selection of Columbus' Life, HSS and SL butted frame tubing, Columbus' Futura Gravel fork painted to match. With externally routed rear brake hose.

Framesets from $5000 (Frame, fork, headset, stem, seatpost, paint-matched) with Columbus' Futura Gravel fork, White Industries headset, paint-matched Shimano "PRO" PLT stem, PRO PLT seatpost, minus pedals and saddle.

Complete bikes from

  • Shimano GRX 1X max 45mm tyre, gravel-bike, Shimano R770 wheels $8400

  • Shimano GRX 2X max 42mm tyre gravel-bike, Shimano R770 wheels $8600

  • Shimano GRX 1X max 45mm tyre gravel-bike, $8500** with custom DT Comp spoked wheelset, details below.

  • Shimano GRX 1X Di2 gravel-bike max 45mm tyre, $9750** with custom DT Comp spoked wheelset, details below.

  • SRAM Force1 AXS max 42mm tyre; price to be confirmed.

  • SRAM Eagle 1X,  Force1 AXS with X01 Eagle 12 speed 52 tooth max 42mm tyre; price to be confirmed.

  • SRAM Rival 1X max 42mm tyre, hydraulic disc from $7800

  • Ultegra 2X max 38mm tyre mechanical shifting, hydraulic disc; R8020 $8700** with custom DT Comp spoked wheelset, details below.

  • SRAM Force 1X max 42mm tyre hydraulic disc $8570**

  • Ultegra 2X Di2 disc max 38mm tyre; R8070 $9470**

** Custom DT Swiss wheelset; this is my preferred wheel spec. I believe it is superior to most other designs in terms of bang-for-your-buck aluminium rim wheels.

Hub: DT350, Centerlock rotors,

Rims; DT RR421 DB  with 20mm inner width (not the XM421) or the XR 361 with 22.5mm inner width disc-specific tubeless-ready rims with smarter design; an asymmetric rim shape for improved drive-side spoke angle and hence wheel durability with no weight penalty. The sidewalls of these rims have far less material since they are not a braking wear surface.

Spokes: Sapim DLite, Sapim CX Ray, or DT Comp butted spokes in black or silver finish. Butted spokes are more durable AND are a lower weight (like the best bicycle frame tubes).

Nipples; DT's Squorx alloy nipples in black or silver finish with Pro Lock (to prevent loosening) with PHR washers (for much increased surface area). 


  • Tapered Headtube option; Columbus tube +$150

  • internal rear hydraulic brake cable routing exiting at rear brake caliper; 3D printed stainless-steel reinforced ports and T47 threaded BB shell +$350 (requires use of T47 bottom-bracket bearings from White Industries, Chris King or equivalent),

  • Internally routed rear full-length gear housing routing for 1X drivetrain only combined with internal rear brake hose option, (as successfully used on mountainbikes. Total sealing of gear shifting from water, grit and mud) +$100

  • Fork; (the standard fork is Columbus Futura Gravel which fits up to 700x40 measured tyre width, 1-1/4" tapered steerer)

  • Columbus Futura Cross fork 1-1/2" taper disc brake fork, flat-mount  (max 700x47mm 650Bx53mm measured tyre width). no extra charge, 12mm thru axle included.

  • Fork; Columbus Futura Cross+ fork as above with rack mounts, 12mm thru axle included.

  • Fork; ENVE All Road Disc fork 1-1/4"" taper steerer, disc brake, flat-mount  (max 700c x 38mm measured tyre width). 12mm thru axle included+$250

  • Fork; ENVE G Series Gravel fork 1-1/2" taper steerer, disc brake, flat-mount  (max 700c x 50mm, 27.5" x 2.25" measured tyre width). 12mm thru axle included +$250

  • Ritchey WCS Carbon Adventure fork +~$150

  • S and S Travel Couplers; pack your bike in a Standard Airline suitcase +$1350 (internal rear brake hose routing cannot be combined with this option)