For repairs to a bicycle frame, the framebuilders listed below are the people to talk to. My build queue is several months long so I no longer do repair work.

Steel repairs;

Gordon Hill of Hillman frames fame. Located in Croydon Victoria. Lugged frames and brazing.  

Geoff Duke of g.duke Handmade Bicycles, located in Northcote Victoria. Lugged frames and brazing. 

Aluminium repairs; for repairs to aluminium bicycle frames, contact Luke of Fikas Bikes located in Canberra. I do not to work with, nor am I set up for aluminium because it is an inferior material in engineering terms. A good bicycle frame should be lightweight, flexible and durable, however frames made of aluminium must be made ridiculously rigid (and hence uncomfortable to ride) in order to achieve a reasonable service life before they inevitably develop a fatigue crack. Hence in my opinion, repairing a cracked aluminium frame is a waste of effort. 

Carbon fibre repairs; for repairs to carbon-fibre frames, contact Raoul of  Leuscher Teknik located in Alphington, Victoria

Titanium repairs; for repairs to titanium, (and steel) frames, contact Luke of Fikas Bikes located in Canberra

Forks; I make certain types of forks as part of an order for a frame, but I don't offer a custom fork for sale on its own. The time and expense to make a one-off custom fork simply makes it un-viable. See if SCV (a wholesaler) sells it, then ask your retail bike shop to get it in for you.  


Ewen Gellie 

0407 117 100

(for frame repair enquiries, read this page.

Skyline Road, Bend of Islands
Victoria, Australia 3097

(20 minutes drive beyond Eltham/Warrandyte)

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