For repairs to a bicycle frame, the framebuilders listed below are the people to talk to. My build queue is several months long so I no longer do repair work.

Steel repairs;

Gordon Hill of Hillman frames fame. Located in Croydon Victoria. Lugged frames and brazing.  

Geoff Duke of g.duke Handmade Bicycles, located in Northcote Victoria. Lugged frames and brazing. 

Aluminium repairs; for repairs to aluminium bicycle frames, contact Luke of Fikas Bikes located in Canberra. I do not to work with, nor am I set up for aluminium because it is an inferior material in engineering terms. A good bicycle frame should be lightweight, flexible and durable, however frames made of aluminium must be made ridiculously rigid (and hence uncomfortable to ride) in order to achieve a reasonable service life before they inevitably develop a fatigue crack. Hence in my opinion, repairing a cracked aluminium frame is a waste of effort. 

Carbon fibre repairs; for repairs to carbon-fibre frames, contact Raoul of  Leuscher Teknik located in Alphington, Victoria

Titanium repairs; for repairs to titanium, (and steel) frames, contact Luke of Fikas Bikes located in Canberra

Forks; I make certain types of forks as part of an order for a frame, but I don't offer a custom fork for sale on its own. The time and expense to make a one-off custom fork simply makes it un-viable. See if SCV (a wholesaler) sells it, then ask your retail bike shop to get it in for you.