If you're dreaming of a custom made frame or a complete bike, here's the process. Complete bikes start from around $8k to $20k depending on the model and parts spec.

​​1. CONTACT Send a brief email to me at and we can arrange a time to talk on the phone to discuss your ideas for a bike, frame design and component compatibility.

2. DEPOSIT If you want to proceed, I will confirm the pricing according to your requirements. You have the option of securing your place in the queue with a non-refundable deposit of $500 after which we will work on the design, or if the design and price are finalised quickly a 40% deposit for the frame price can be paid to get things underway. 

​3. BIKE FIT there are several ways we arrive at this depending on what suits you best. If you have pain or a medical issue, I can recommend medical professionals to achieve the suitable bike-fit outcome

  • you visit with your bike, I measure it and improve or copy its design.

  • Your existing bike fits well, and you take measurements to a detailed diagram I supply. 

  • you know your frame dimensions exactly having been been riding for years. I provide a form for you to record the key dimensions.

  • you arrange your own bike-fit and we work to those measurements. Note: please contact me beforehand because several bike fit services have incomplete measurements that do not meet my requirements. (e.g. handlebar-to-saddle-tip does not locate your sit bones or the saddle rail clamp with suitable precision because saddle dimensions vary). 

  • we set you up here on our adjustable fit bike so you can experience the fit before committing. A bike fit is $150 to $280 depending on whether you have a bike already set up or we are starting from scratch. 

4. DESIGN I develop a design accounting for your positioning on the bike as well as its handling according to what we've discussed. There will be several iterations of the design to fine tune the result. The paint scheme will also be decided on at this stage.

5. COMPONENTS From a headset, to a complete bike build kit, you get to choose. I can offer Shimano, SRAM or Campagnolo, and components by Chris King, White Industries and Paul Components. 

6. SIGNED-OFF DESIGN When the design is complete and sent to you for sign-off, if not already paid, payment of the balance of the 40% of frame price kicks-off the process where I bring together the materials I need for your frame. Prices for a model of Frame, Frameset or Complete bike are listed on each model page, e.g. Gravel Bike which I offer in disc-brake only.

I will also provide you the total price of the components and request payment for those so that I may order them in and have that task completed well in advance of commencing work on your frame so that a part shortage does not delay the project. (You may pay 80% rather than 100% for the components at this stage if you prefer). 

7. FABRICATION Frame tubes are measured, carefully machined and welded. The alignment is checked during and after each weld. Once welded, the frame is blasted clean and painted with a minimum of 10 layers. Corrosion-protection is applied inside the frame, the headset pressed into place and any components are assembled.


Then it is ready for payment and collection, or packed for delivery. During the build, you'll be kept updated with photos giving you a unique look into the process of creating your new bike. I hope you'll find this part as exciting as I do.