Kevin & Roxi's Tandem

My most epic and advanced bike build yet. This tandem fits into two standard airline suitcases and features a tension-braced design engineered to manage stress better than any other design.


Kevin and Roxi went for a mega tandem with a long list of features. Six S&S couplers in the frame enable it to be broken down and packed in two cases. Twin belt drive offers supreme lifespan; each belt outlasts 3 to 4 chains and requires no adjustment.

Massive 200mm front and 180mm rear disc rotors wipe off speed like nothing else. The tandem-rated fork, 15mm thru axle and White Industries CLD hub keep things under control up front.

A Rohloff tandem rear hub has the gear range of a mountainbike triple drivetrain while Paragon rocker dropouts take care of belt tensioning and frame-split duties.

Extreme loads call for advanced wheel design so I've used here the superior balance of durability and weight of triple butted spokes. DT's Alpine III spokes (one of only two spoke products with this feature), PHR washers and Squorx nipples complete the design. Triple-butted spokes place more material at the hub flange, PHR washers approximately triple the nipple's contact area with the rim and Squorx nipples allow precious extra spoke engagement beyond the nipple head.

Tubus racks front and rear with Ortlieb bags are the premium touring setup. My signature triangulation of the rack stays makes this setup many times more rigid than standard.

Finally, a thudbuster LT seatpost keeps the stoker happy. Those who've stoker'ed a tandem know.  


Ewen Gellie 

0407 117 100

(for frame repair enquiries, read this page.

Skyline Road, Bend of Islands
Victoria, Australia 3097

(20 minutes drive beyond Eltham/Warrandyte)

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