The benefit of experience

Buy your frame from an experienced framebuilder. I'll share with you the Experienced Framebuilder's dilemma; spend huge amounts of time refining your craft, develop a product you can stand behind and yet often bright young framebuilders will grab more attention. But framebuilding, and bike frames are not Lego. Bike frames are minimalist lightweight structures that are dynamically loaded. So they flex, and if not designed well they are prone to premature failure by fatigue-cracking. Aircraft used to suffer the same problem, until it became un-acceptable for unexplained failures to occur. Unfortunately it is too common that sub-optimal design is used by inexperienced framebuilders who incorporate past, known weak-spots. The established framebuilders, mostly, have learned not to make that mistake. Note, that if a well designed frame is used hard, or for an extended period, it will last far longer than most but may too eventually develop a fatigue failure. That is why aircraft have a service life. The key is the optimal design that maximises the potential of the frame and its service life.