Three bikes were on show this year; a Road disc, Gravel Road and a Road tandem .

The Reflexa Road disc bike has both the seatmast option and the internal rear brake cable running the full length of the frame. An entire page will be devoted to this bike soon.  

The Tracka Gravel Road bike now comes with headtube reinforcement rings which are made in-house. An entire page will be devoted to this bike soon.  

The Tandem Road bike was recently completed for a customer with Di2 shifting, massive disc brakes and belt drive between the front and rear cranks.

New for 2019, the seatmast has a stainless-steel top section and uses a Ritchey mast topper. It features a butted tube to reinforce where it joins the toptube and bottom bracket, with unnecessary material removed elsewhere. The mast topper offers 3cm of adjustment. 

The stainless steel badge, silver-soldered in place is an optional extra that requires careful treatment through the painting process.  

The rear brake hose runs the entire length of the frame and passes from the downtube, through the bottom bracket shell into the left chainstay, protected from the crank axle by a sleeve and both 24mm and 30mm cranks will fit. 

These Flat Mount bosses shown below are new, machined in-house with a raised feature to enable the clamping surfaces to be masked free of paint. They are almost entirely hidden. When the brakes are removed in the future, the paint will be un-marked.