I can create a bike that fits you and handles better, perhaps in a way that you didn’t even realise was possible. There's also a very healthy dose of little-understood engineering science in my process which boosts the lifespan and dependability of my frames.

When you phone or email, you'll be talking to me Ewen Gellie, the designer, builder and painter with 17 years of framebuilding experience.

I've been riding mountainbikes since 1982 and while at university studying mechanical engineering began modifying and then making custom frames to order. I raced on those frames to victories in '88 and '91 at the Aussie Downhill Mountainbike Championships and made frames to order that ranged from mountain to road, tandem and rear-suspension. 

In '93 I moved on to mechanical engineering work that ended up in the heart of advanced manufacturing in Australia with a series of roles starting at Holden's Engine plant, moving to Ford and finally arriving at Toyota where I helped improve new model chassis components and processes leading up and in the early stages of production. I returned to framebuilding in 2006 and have done so full time since. 

By ordering a bike or a frame, you get the full benefit of my knowledge and expertise every step of the way. If you were wondering, Gellie is pronounced with a hard G as in "gear".

Ewen Gellie

Gellie Cycles - your framebuilder in the workshop