Handmade steel bike frames and complete bikes
Custom made in Melbourne

Engineered lightweight, robust and supple
Tailored to fit the rider

Made in Melbourne by Ewen Gellie, Mechanical Engineer, and multiple Aussie Mountainbike Champ in Trials and Downhill '88, '89 & '91

Custom bicycle frames and complete bikes. ​Let me design and hand-craft a custom bike for you. Bespoke engineering at its best, built from the finest butted steel bicycle frame tubing in the world from Columbus and Reynolds. Here in Melbourne Australia. (Gellie is pronounced with a hard 'G' as in 'get'.

The 2021 Handmade Bicycle Show Australia

The show was a big success and thankfully it seems Melbourne also stayed free of Covid around that weekend! I exhibited three bikes this year.

You can watch a video by Andy of Fyxo where we chat about the bikes I had on show.
See my bikes at 12:39 in Andy's tour of the Show on Instagram. (Click here).

The Reflexa Road Disc features Ultegra Di2 for electronic shifting and is in incredible condition after 6 months of use. It must be those country roads its been travelling. Eden generously agreed to me exhibiting it at the Show,

The Tracka is Mark's new Gravel bike which he generously agreed to exhibit at the Show, equipped with Columbus' new Futura Gravel fork and Campagnolo's new Ekar 1x13 disc-brake groupset.

The Terra mountainbike with Forward Geometry is my personal bike with an 800mm front centre, 35mm stem and 64 degree head angle. That makes for a lot of fun when its pointed downhill !

Click on each pic below to see a video on Instagram.

hbsa2021 RoadDisc.JPG
hbsa2021 gravel.JPG
hbsa2021 MTB.JPG
Derek Yates Flow MTB 3.JPG

pic credit; Derek Yates, flowmountainbike.com

Derek Yates Flow MTB 2.JPG

pic credit; Derek Yates, flowmountainbike.com

Derek Yates Flow MTB 1.JPG

pic credit; Derek Yates, flowmountainbike.com


Click on an image below to see more on each type of bike. 

Gellie road rim 1800x cropped 2 20171222
Ewen Gellie, custom framebuilder, mechanical engineer

Frames I designed and constructed took me to four National Title wins in Mountainbiking, in '89 and '91 in Downhill and '88 and '91 in Trials.


At the same time I was studying mechanical engineering. My approach to framebuilding applies the knowledge gained from my riding, the degree and the practical expertise developed working as an engineer in car manufacturing.