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Links - people and pages I like.

If you're interested in framebuilding, there are several sites to visit: Velocipede Salon Framebuilders Forum, Framebuilders Forum ALL the questions you might have, have been asked and answered before, so be patient and search through old posts for what you want to know before firing off a question on the forum. They are full of framebuilding GOLD. These forums are run by volunteers so be nice. Enjoy!

If you're after a painter, I can't help you but you can contact Paconi in Braeside on 03 9587 0688, or Spray Ya Bike

Columbus bicycle tubing - great bicycle frame tubing

TrueTemper tubing - bicycle frame tubing from Henry James in California

Ceeway framebuilding supplies - UK based framebuilding materials

Paconi Racing Frames - Kevin Wigham makes frames here in Melbourne. He's the man for lugged frame repairs.

Topbike Physio- Topbike Fit - Emma Coulson and Rosie in Melbourne. Click here to read more about their service in the Process page of my website.

Steve Hogg's Bike Fitting Website: Steve Hogg in Sydney does bike fit sessions. (if possible, take your existing bike with you if you have a Bike Fit)

Rob Crowe, ('Crowie') of Ridewiser.com.au down in St Kilda is a nice guy, was in my year at school and runs an Ergo Program. http://twitter.com/ridewiser. He's also a 2-time Olympian, World Record tandem-pursuit holder, twice National Road Champion and World Masters Gold Medallist.

S & S couplers; suitcase page and airline regs info

Cog Bike Cafe -nice coffee, cool bikes, on the Warburton rail trail.

Llewellyn bikes - Darrell makes the stainless dropouts I use, and he makes nice frames too.

Richard Sachs is the highest profile USA builder in lugged steel; checkout how he shows this dropout who's boss!

Ron D Swan - cool cycling bags and accessories here in Melbourne.

BikeCAD - Brent's framebuilding software is fantastic. Use the free version here to design you dream frame.

www.bicycles.net.au - Australian Bicycle Shops, Clubs, Organisations, Brands and Tours

seventyfour design - Matt designs nice web pages, T-shirts, corporate i.d.

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