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A travel tandem for trips through Europe ... more




A road frame for Tony, of light-weight steel: Columbus' Life frame tubing with Sand S travel couplers... more




Jon's mountainbike ... created to improve on his existing bike ..... a re-creation in light-weight steel. ..... more




Grant was after a bike to commute to work on and be able to head off on fire-roads as well ..... more




A Road frame for Simon, built of Columbus Life tubing, in a large 59.5 cm size, ..... more




My new 29er, with a bent seat-tube allowing short 430mm chainstays for even better handling... ..... more




Mick's road frame, made of Columbus XCR stainless-steel ..... more




A new frame for James, an old-school road racer ..... more




A lightweight steel road frame and fork for a diminutive female rider, ..... more




Ross's road bike frame and fork ..... more




Sean's travel bike frame with relaxed road geometry ..... more




Fraser's travel bike frame with relaxed geometry for Audax rides..... more




Mick's Life tubing Road Frame and Fork..... more




Kevin's Life tubing Road Frame..... more




Sam's fillet-brazed Spirit-tubing Road Frame..... more




Thierry's tandem MTB with S and S frame couplers..... more




Rays' road bike Breakaway road frame and fork..... more




an all-road frame and fork for all types of riding; road, dirt-roads and light-touring..... more




John's Rohloff hub MTB.... more




Alex's Urban get-around rig.... more




A relaxed road frame and fork for Leon.... more




Nick's Columbus Life tubing road frame.... more




Jean's road frame and forks; made to a Steve Hogg design.... more




Arnaud's XCR, Rohloff, S and S Coupler Randonneur .... more




My new ride, singlespeed or geared, road/singletrack .....more




Anthony's do-anything commuter....room for 42C tyres, Avid cable disc brakes, Shimano Alfine internal gear rear hub, chain tensioning by eccentric bottom-bracket .....more




A new coat of paint for my road frame. ...., the road bike keeps rolling along on the old faithfull components. This green is even better in real life, and was a pretty good colour-match to the digital print of a web-photo . ...more



A road frame for David, built of Columbus' Spirit tubing and designed to be more stable and more upright than his current bike. ......Internal cable routing for the rear brake with cable-housing 'stops' at the entry and exit to ensure braking feel is positive. ...more



Justin's commuter frame; a customised re-creation in lightweight TIG-welded steel of his (mass-produced) frame that had cracked prematurely at the seat-tube due to poor design. With that design flaw omitted it will be robust, stiff and at 100 grams less weight will be more lively as well . ...more



Taking your bike with you on air travel doesn't get easier than this. With Ritchey's Breakway system, I can create a custom frame that will fit into a suitcase: loosen the downtube clamp, remove the seatpost . ...more




John went all-out on this one. A singlespeed 29er frame and fork: TIG welded with stainless faces on the horizontal dropouts and a flaming paint job in Indy Orange...more




A stainless steel, 'porteur' rack for Steve ...more




Cam W. picked up the frame he'd had converted to singlespeed.....and took a few workshop photos...more




Ron's frame after one year's use, been in one accident, blue paint from the car's number plate on the fork, and Ron still hasn't broken it, touch wood... ...more




A road frame for Cam M. to replace his cracked Ti frame. He's a big guy, 120 kg (265 lb.) and about 6'3". This frame will give him a good run. ... ...more




S and S couplers were fitted to this frame.....now it can be packed up in the small S and S bag for airtravel without excess-baggage charges. These couplers are simply beautiful and work a treat. ...more




Cam's a big guy, 120 kg, and he's broken his last two frames at their fancy aluminium rear dropouts. This design will work with his weight, and give him the nice amount of flex and spring that a good steel frame has....more



A custom steel fillet-brazed road frame and fork...every joint is fillet-brazed including the Breezer rear dropouts, and the road-unicrown junction...more




With Ritchey's Breakaway frame components, a road frame can separate into two parts and the whole bike can fit in a 'standard size' suitcase or box for air-travel, and avoid excess baggage charges...more




robin's road frame with sliding dropouts to suit his Rohloff internally geared rear hub ...more




matt's fillet fixie frame ...more




cyclocross disc fork with the new disc mount. ...more




Click here for a larger imagefrank's rohloff fillet brazed mtb frame and fork. ...more.




mark's singlespeed fillet-brazed 29er, truetemper fork..more




darren's fillet-brazed 29er frame and fork to suit his Rohloff internally geared rear hub...more




tom's fillet-brazed track with shaped top &down tubes ...more




messenger special for ronasaur, fillet-brazed ... more




a lightweight cyclocross frame for Cog Bikes ......a fillet-brazed singlespeed cyclocross frame built with Columbus Life tubing. S-bend seat and chainstays with clearance for a 42C tyre, and stainless fork-end faces to save the paint.... more



wilsy's more-rugged singlespeed mtb ... more




singlespeed 29er of Columbus Life tubing ... more




singlespeed MTB... more





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