Cam's fillet-brazed Heavy Duty 29er

Cam's a big guy, 120 kg and about 6'3" and he's broken his last two frames at their fancy aluminium rear dropouts. This frame will work with his weight, and give him the nice amount of flex and spring that a good steel frame has. Finished in tough metallic-silver powdercoat with raw stainless faces silver-soldered inside-and-out to the Pacenti fork-ends and my design slotted disc mount.

This frame required a more creative selection of tubes than usual; TrueTemper's big 38mm diameter 29er downtube, a Zona MTB 35mm downtube for the top-tube, an oversize externally bulge-butted seat-tube from Ceeway in the UK, heavier-gauge Deddaciai chainstays from Bringhelli in the USA and following Steve Garro of Coconino's helpful advice, 5/8" 0.9mm wall aircraft cro-mo seat-stays from Paul at Greenspeed here in Melbourne! That's 5 different sources of frame tubes to create this frame, each chosen because it was the best tube for the job. They add only about $100 to the final price, and but result in truly the best frame I could make specifically for Cam's requirements.

This big 21" centre-to-top frame weighed only 100 grams more than an 18" MTB, and a 21" road frame, both near-new brand-name steel frames I've had in my workshop to repair recently.....

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