A super durable Gravel Road bike that manages to also be supple, and so and will be comfortable after hours in the saddle. Made with the most delicate frame tubing that I work with, Columbus’s Life tubing, used here in relatively slender “Oversize” diameters.¬†

The drivetrain is the ultimate for travelling around-town or overseas. Trouble-free, robust, and capable of smooth operation after travelling tens of thousands of kilometres. The CycleUnderground chainring is renowned for its durability, machined from “armourplate aluminium”, with fat teeth for this straight run chain drive. I’ve also used the most durable singlespeed chain in the world, KMC’s X1. If you’re not racing, the Rohloff hub¬†cannot be beaten for reliable, dependable shifting and a super-wide gear range.

Truly smart frame design can only be had from experienced framebuilders who work the metal with their own hands. I prefer to use butted frame tubing so this frame will also have a measure of durability that few can equal. Here, the thinnest-wall frame tubes are transformed into a durable structure with none of the potential failure points that less experienced framebuilders may miss, or simply not be aware of. The relatively small diameter tubes achieve the frame stiffness that was being sought with this frame.

No semi-custom steel frame, outsourced and made in asia that I’ve seen to date approaches this frame for its ideal balance of sensible light weight, suppleness and robustness.