Handmade steel bike frames and complete bikes crafted one at a time. I blend expertise in framebuilding, manufacturing and hard-core riding to create light-weight, solid bike frames with a sweet liveliness that only thin-wall steel tubing can offer.

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Heather's and Fred's Randonneurs

Heather’s and Fred’s Randonneurs

Heather’s and Fred’s Randonneurs….
Lex's Gravel Road Bike

Lex’s Gravel Road Bike

Lex’s Gravel Road Bike…..
Sam's tandem: Rohloff, disc, travel couplers, road, off-road

Sam’s tandem: Rohloff, disc, travel couplers, road, off-road

Sam’s 29er/Road tandem ….
My new 27.5 mountainbike

My new 27.5 mountainbike

My new bike, a 27.5 mountainbike.
Darin's 26" mountainbike

Darin’s 26″ mountainbike

This mountainbike will be hitting the trails in Bright
Mark's Commuter

Mark’s Commuter

A low maintenance commuter for Mark.
James' 650B 27.5

James’ 650B 27.5

A 650B or  ”twenty-seven-five” for James fitted with SRAM’s XX1 drivetrain.
650B Mountainbike

650B Mountainbike

This will make a great bike, custom made for Emma.
Relaxed Road Bike

Relaxed Road Bike

A stable handling road bike for a relaxed journey and taking in the view. The upright riding position and…..
Cols and Cobbles - a Road Bike for Chris

Cols and Cobbles – a Road Bike for Chris

A road bike made for tackling the super-steep hills of Europe in what seems to be the Ultimate Roadie’s Road Trip.
Travel road/off-road Rohloff tandem

Travel road/off-road Rohloff tandem

This is no ordinary tandem; it pretty much ticks all the boxes and more…..
Prolly's likes.... ShifterBikes....

Prolly’s likes…. ShifterBikes….

Wow! …. one of my frames made it to John Prolly’s top ten bikes of the Year list…. Dan Hale’s personal ShifterBikes MonsterCross
ACBS 2012 .... more pics

ACBS 2012 …. more pics

some great pics of the bike show are surfacing …..
ACBS 2012

ACBS 2012

for those of you who couldn’t make it to the Australian Custom Bike Show, here are a few pics. Held Dec 1,2 in South Melbourne. Over 1000 people attended so I reckon it’ll be on again in a year’s time!    
Andrew's singlespeed 29er

Andrew’s singlespeed 29er

Andrew’s new and improved 29er….
Australian Custom Bicycle Show 1 & 2 Dec

Australian Custom Bicycle Show 1 & 2 Dec

If you haven’t heard of this, come along, check it out and say hi.  In Port Melbourne, 1 & 2 December 2012 acbs2012.com
Phil's Randonneur

Phil’s Randonneur

Phil’s frame is done: with a bit more personalisation than most.
Über Commuter ... super-commuter!

Über Commuter … super-commuter!

Kyle’s Commuter is on the road….
Pegoretti Falz Fork

Pegoretti Falz Fork

Just arrived, Dario Pegoretti’s Falz fork: made for steel frames. I’m keen to test ‘em out. Falz is Italian for Sickle in Dario’s dialect. It has been explained to me that Dario created it to achieve the  lateral stiffness he was seeking which other forks with their aero-section fork blades can lack. Available only with...
Rob's Road Bike Completed

Rob’s Road Bike Completed

Rob’s bike is now built up ……
Jim's Travel Bike frame

Jim’s Travel Bike frame

This is the ticket to cycling adventures…