Custom Bikes

Welcome to the new website. Over time I’ll refine it and add more content. There are still links back to the old website.

I offer to my customer the bikes I love. With frames made from materials that come to life in the hands of an experienced, skilled framebuilder. Crafted one at a time. There is something special about riding a bike that fits you like no mass-produced bike ever will.

With the high-end bikes mostly coming out of the same few factories, you end up paying more for a frame that has been contorted simply to stand out from the crowd. Commissioning a frame just for you, dealing directly with the person that will make it is an experience that my customers tell me is enormously rewarding. You are directly involved with it coming into existence which is something few will experience and which money alone cannot buy.

I offer handmade steel bike frames and complete bikes crafted one at a time, blending my expertise in framebuilding, manufacturing and hard-core riding. Gellie Custom is me, Ewen Gellie. (Gellie has a hard ‘G’ like in Gear).

My custom made frames are light, solid and have a sweet lively ride. Made of the best materials, with good looking design. They are stiff, lively and light, as only made-to-order lightweight steel can be. Every handmade bike frame I make fuses my Aussie-champion level mountainbiking, framebuilding and car-industry expertise as a professional mechanical engineer.

My custom bike frames feel more lively because I’m building a frame or complete bike just for you, not the heavier riders a mass-produced frame must be made for. A frame made just for you, for almost any use; road, mountainbike, touring, fixie, track, randonneur.

I make these frames in my workshop right here in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Ewen Gellie

I combine my Australian-champion level cycling on my frames with my car-industry Professional-Engineering experience.

I’ve ridden and raced bikes since ’82, built frames since ’88, was an Australian Mountainbike Team member at the World Championships in Italy in ’91 and was Aussie Downhill Mountainbike Champion in ’88, runner-up ’89 and Champion again in ’91 along with numerous State titles. All done on frames I designed and built myself.